We are an independent and not-for-profit think tank based in Kuala Lumpur.

We are dedicated to produce evidence-based research and lead the conversation on public policy that will help build a sustainable, equitable and prosperous Malaysia.


Perspektif baharru untuk rumah mampu milik

Bila mana isu rumah mampu milik dibicarakan, perkara yang dibincangkan adalah harga. Seringkali rumah mampu milik dinilai berdasarkan harga semata-mata....

Why not use Tabung Harapan to create B40 endowment fund?

The historic results of the 14th Malaysian general election saw the rise of the Malaysian people who were fed up...
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There are many ways for you to help us achieve our mission to build a sustainable, equitable and prosperous Malaysia. Your idea, financial assistance and time will go a long way for the future of our country. We are also open to host internship programmes all year round.

Drop us an email at [email protected] to talk further. We are located at Binjai 8 Suite, Lorong Binjai, KLCC.