Institute for Research & Development of Policy (IRDP) is an independent and not-for-profit think tank based in Kuala Lumpur.

Our vision is for Malaysia to become highly democratic, peaceful and prosperous where the government work together with the people and the civil societies for the common good

Our main stakeholders are the people.

Our Research Programme

The policy research and dialogue at IRDP are driven by our core agenda to help build a sustainable, equitable and prosperous Malaysia.

Research topics cover, among others, education, healthcare, agriculture, inequality, and sustainable development.

Here are what we do at IRDP:

  • Policy R&D
  • Policy Appraisal
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Public Survey
  • Legislative Support
  • Project Management
  • Capacity Building Programme

Our Mission

Our mission at IRDP Malaysia is to advances accountability, equity and sustainability in Malaysia through research, advocacy and talent building programmes that promote responsible democracy, inclusive public policy and sustainable development.

We aim to deliver our missions through:

Research – analytical review of past, current and future challenges/opportunities for Malaysia, and provide quality and practical policy solutions

Advocacy – continuous dialogue with the government, private sector, civil societies and the people

Talent Building – building the talent pipeline of the next generation of leaders with analytical mind and appreciation for policy discourse

Our Board of Trustees

IRDP Board of Trustees is a governing body composed of distinguished individuals from a variety of backgrounds. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the institution’s leadership, integrity, financial health, and scholarly independence.

The members of our Board of Trustees are:

  • Tan Sri Dato’ Mohamad Ariff bin Md Yusof
  • Datin Paduka Che Asmah Ibrahim
  • Encik Akmal Amri


At IRDP, we value diversity in expertise, background and personal identity. We are fortunate enough to be joined by a team of individuals from a variety of experience, ranging from professionals, academicians and interns from selected disciplines:

  • Acting CEO – Mohd Akmal

  • Chief Finance Officer – Sheikh Khuzaifah

  • Senior Advocacy Officer – Ammar Atan

  • Advocacy Officer – Fatihah Salahuddin

  • Research Officer – Athirah Mohamad

  • Research and Content Officer – Yusri Yusoff

  • Liaison Officer – Puteri Sofea

Our Fellows

We are supported by a group of established professionals, academicians and community leaders who have made their name in their own fields. Our fellows are meant to be advisor in our research, projects and programs based on their qualification to help us to build a sustainable, equitable and prosperous Malaysia.


  • Provide strategic guidance to our research and advocacy projects
  • Add value our projects in the selected domains
  • Grow our network in the academia, public service and industry